Water Cooler Trivia is giving away $1,000 each week in our Prize Game!

How Does It Work?
  1. Make sure your account is registered to play in Water Cooler Trivia's weekly Prize Game. You can see your account's quiz settings here.
  2. Submit your quiz and get entered into random prize drawing. That’s right you’ve got a chance to win just by playing.
  3. Every week, we’ll randomly select a winner.
  4. Here’s the best part: everyone who is on the same WCT account as the winner who submitted a quiz that week also wins a prize! For example, if the name we select at random as a winner is George Costanza of Vandelay Industries, then not only does George win a prize but so does every other person at Vandelay who submitted that week.
  5. Also, we're going to give away prizes for the funniest answer each week as well as any superlative answers that really impress us. Once again, when one person wins, everyone who submitted in that account wins.

Quizzes are due at the latest by 8PM ET each Tuesday and the results are available Wednesdays at 12PM ET at the earliest.

Winners will be included in the results each week, and if you win you'll receive an email you a link to redeem your prize!

Most Recent Prize Game Results
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Rules of Water Cooler's Prize Game
Updated March 12, 2024

  1. There is NO PURCHASE NECESSARY in order to win prizes.
  2. The sweepstakes will run each calendar week beginning on March 25, 2024 and continuing weekly at Water Cooler Trivia's discretion. We will notify all users when the weekly prizes are no longer being awarded.
  3. Individuals eligible to win are quiz participants who are members of groups within Water Cooler Trivia's weekly prize game. Groups must elect to participate in the prize game (as opposed to a custom quiz) for their members to win. Groups whose members are eligible to win are either A) free trial or B) paid subscribers to Water Cooler Trivia. For clarification, groups who are "Exempt" i.e. permanently not paying, are ineligible for prizes.
  4. Participants enter the promotion by submitting a weekly quiz in the Water Cooler prize game. Each participant can enter a single time per group each week.
  5. The odds of winning are determined by the number of participants and groups who play each week. Water Cooler will clearly denote how many winners there were and what the payouts are. There will be at least one prize given out each week of the contest.
  6. Prizes will be awarded via a third-party platform Tango Card. Winners may redeem their prizes for a variety of gift cards equal to the retail amounts of the prize. Prize winners are able to redeem their prizes for 60 days after the winners are selected.
  7. Winners are subjected to the full terms and conditions set out by Tango Card Inc. including understanding that prizes will not be claimable 60 days after being awarded.
  8. No single person may win prizes totaling greater than $599.99 in a given calendar year. Any prize that would take the winner over that threshold will be compensated up to that threshold and then they would be ineligible for prizes again until the next calendar year.
  9. In order to claim your prize, you will need a valid name and email as your name and email address on file with us at Water Cooler Trivia. You will receive an email from Tango Card to redeem your prize. You will only receive a single email notifying of your prize.
  10. Winners are determined based on the category of prize that is being awarded. For the random drawing, each account is entered into a lottery once for each quiz submitted by one of their players. For the funniest / best answer or any other completely subjective prize, the winners are selected by the team at Water Cooler Trivia. Their decisions are final.
  11. Water Cooler Trivia reserves the right to cancel any group participation at our own discretion. Any account, team, or individual behavior that is deemed to be intentional in its attempt to circumvent the nature of the game will removed permanently. Examples may include creating numerous accounts under a single email, spoofing emails and entries for the purpose of increasing submitters, etc.
  12. Any responsibility for taxes or fees arising from the awarding of a prize fall upon the winner. Water Cooler Trivia are tax experts, and winners should consult with a professional as to whether any fees are owed.
  13. Disputes will be handled in the manner pursuant to Water Cooler Trivia's terms and conditions.
  14. Winners' personal information will be used in order to deliver the prizes to their email inbox. We will also use first name, last initial, and group name in a public manner to market the winner to the general public.
  15. Water Cooler Trivia may elect to cancel or modify this promotion without notice at any time or not deliver prizes to individuals or groups for any reason. Appeals to these decisions are not allowed. Water Cooler Trivia's decisions are final.