97 Christmas Trivia Questions (Fresh From The North Pole)

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Eli Robinson
August 15, 2022

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97 Christmas Trivia Questions (Fresh From The North Pole)

  1. According to Frederic Austin in his 1909 song "The Twelve Days of Christmas," his true love sent him one partridge in a pear tree, two turtle doves, and eventually 12 of what?  Answer: Drummers Drumming
  2. Who played Hans Gruber in Die Hard and earned a spot on the AFI's "100 Years...100 Heroes & Villains" list as the 46th best villain in film history? He later revealed he almost did not take the role as he did not think Die Hard was the kind of film he wanted to make.  Answer: Alan Rickman
  3. What is the name of the department store in the movie "Elf" that is modeled after the real-life Macy's in New York City?  Answer: Gimbels
  4. What landmark NYC event began as a way to celebrate Christmas and as a retail expansion in 1924 before shifting earlier in the annual calendar by 1927?  Answer: Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
  5. Due to the celebration's pagan ties, Boston's Puritans banned what event from 1659 - 1681?  Answer: Christmas
  6. "Do They Know It's Christmas?" is a song written in 1984 in reaction to television reports of the 1983–1985 famine in Ethiopia. The song was first recorded by a supergroup of English and Irish singers including what famed U2 frontman?  Answer: Bono
  7. With over 10 million concert tickets sold, what band known for its featured string section, elaborate stage performances, extensive pyrotechnics, and Christmas-themed storylines was referred to by the Washington Post in 2007 as "an arena-rock juggernaut" and described their music as "Pink Floyd meets Yes and the Who at Radio City Music Hall?"  Answer: Trans-Siberian Orchestra
  8. What is the term for a sweet pie of British origin often filled with a mixture of dried fruits and spices referred to as "meat?" The pie is traditionally served during the Christmas season and was once known as "mutton pie."  Answer: Mincemeat pie
  9. In the song “Frosty the Snowman,” what article of clothing made Frosty come to life?  Answer: Old silk hat
  10. In what 1990 action film does Bruce Willis's character partner with a janitor at Dulles International Airport to track down terrorists controlling an air traffic control tower? The events occur on Christmas Day, much like the preceding film in the franchise.  Answer: Die Hard 2
  11. The iconic, Lego-based music video for the White Stripes song “Fell in Love With a Girl” was filmed using what animation technique featured in many Christmas movies past?  Answer: Stop motion
  12. Although the most popular song on the film's soundtrack is "This Is Halloween" and the main character's name is Jack Skellington, the 1993 cult-classic Tim Burton film that was nominated for a visual effects Oscar includes what OTHER holiday in the film's title?  Answer: Christmas (The Nightmare Before Christmas)
  13. The opening of a crate and revealing a "leg lamp" is a pivotal scene in what 1983 holiday classic movie?  Answer: A Christmas Story
  14. "I played my best for him" and "He smiled at me" are both lyrics in what popular Christmas song that was first recorded in 1951 and details a poor young boy being summoned by the Magi to Jesus's birth?  Answer: The Little Drummer Boy
  15. What American author wrote the sweetly ironic Christmas-themed short story, "The Gift of the Magi?"  Answer: O.Henry
  16. After discovering the celesta, an instrument with bell-like sounds, Tchaikovsky included it in "The Nutcracker" as part of the "Dance of" what magical character?  Answer: The Sugar Plum Fairy
  17. "Game of Thrones" star Emilia Clarke and "Crazy Rich Asians" star Henry Golding teamed up in what 2019 holiday rom-com named for a Wham! song?  Answer: Last Christmas
  18. What Chicago airport "played" both itself and Paris's Orly Airport in the 1990 holiday classic, "Home Alone"?  Answer: O'Hare
  19. Hugh Grant was extremely reluctant to film the scene in which he boogies through 10 Downing Street to "Jump (For My Love)" in what classic 2003 Christmas movie?  Answer: Love Actually
  20. "Olaf's Frozen Adventure" was a 22-minute-long, critically panned holiday-themed "short" film that was paired with what 2017 Oscar-winning Pixar movie?  Answer: Coco
  21. With a dough enriched with eggs and butter and studded with fruit, what sweet, cylindrically-shaped Italian bread is traditionally served at Christmas?  Answer: Panettone
  22. A young boy takes a train to the North Pole on Christmas Eve in what classic 1985 children's book by Chris Van Allsburg?  Answer: The Polar Express
  23. In "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe," what magical country does the White Witch put a spell on so that it is always winter but never Christmas?  Answer: Narnia
  24. What "cold-blooded" American author wrote the short story "A Christmas Memory" about making fruitcakes from scratch in Alabama?  Answer: Truman Capote
  25. In the classic 1957 children's book, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," what is the name of the town the Grinch steals holiday presents and decorations from?  Answer: Whoville
  26. According to a survey by Dance magazine, what Christmas-themed Tchaikovsky ballet accounts for nearly half the annual revenue of many dance companies?  Answer: The Nutcracker
  27. You can visit the house from the classic film "A Christmas Story" in the Tremont neighborhood of what Midwestern U.S. city?  Answer: Cleveland
  28. Sharing its name with an unrelated Three Dog Night song, what popular Christmas carol begins with a descending major scale?  Answer: Joy to the World
  29. "The Cricket on the Hearth" is a holiday novel, not nearly as well known as "A Christmas Carol," by what British author?  Answer: Charles Dickens
  30. The bittersweet song "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" is originally from what Judy Garland movie musical with a US city in its name?  Answer: Meet Me in St. Louis
  31. A light blue '54 convertible, a yacht, and the deed to a platinum mine are among the gifts requested in what Eartha Kitt song?  Answer: Santa Baby
  32. Although Handel's "Messiah" is commonly performed during the Christmas season, the work contains Lent and Easter portions and premiered in what month of 1742?  Answer: April
  33. What band recorded the 1981 song "Christmas Wrapping," about a year's worth of missed connections between a guy and a girl ending in a Christmas Day meet-cute?  Answer: The Waitresses
  34. Chicken, collard greens, rice, stuffing, and mac and cheese are on the menu in what 1987 holiday jam by Run-DMC?  Answer: Christmas in Hollis
  35. In what Fox teen drama series did character Seth Cohen claim to have invented the holiday of Chrismukkah?  Answer: The O.C.
  36. What current Prime Minister was born on Christmas Day 1971 in Ottawa?  Answer: Justin Trudeau
  37. What festively-named island in the Indian Ocean roughly 200 miles south of Indonesia is one of Australia's seven external territories?  Answer: Christmas Island
  38. Located on the Gulf Coast of Texas just 2.4 degrees north of the Tropic of Cancer, what is the Texas city that was ranked the fifth-hottest city in the U.S. in 2016 and had its first instance of measurable snow in 109 years when there was a White Christmas in 2004?  Answer: Brownsville
  39. What is the two-word name of the 2020 American "rom com" that debuted on Hulu and features Kristen Stewart, Mackenzie Davis, and Alison Brie?  Answer: Happiest Season
  40. What Christmas song released in 1994 finally hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2019, setting a record for the longest time between a song's release and its arrival at the top of the chart?  Answer: "All I Want for Christmas is You" (Mariah Carey)
  41. The film's title comes from a lyric in "Jingle Bells," stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, and details a Christmas Eve hunt for a hard-to-find last-minute toy named Turboman. What is the film?  Answer: Jingle all the Way
  42. Eating Kentucky Fried Chicken on Christmas Day has been a tradition since the 1970s in what nation on the other side of the world from Kentucky?  Answer: Japan
  43. In Central Europe, particularly Czechia and Slovakia, what part of the traditional Christmas dinner is often kept in the bathtub for a few days before the holiday?  Answer: Carp
  44. Singer Bobby Helms and guitarist Hank Garland claimed until their deaths that they, not credited writers Joseph Beal and James Boothe, wrote their hit 1957 Christmas song. What is the song?  Answer: "Jingle Bell Rock"
  45. The Brady Bunch spawned several movies, though only two of them featured the entire original cast. One was “A Very Brady Christmas.” What was the other?  Answer: The Brady Girls Get Married
  46. What Bandai toy, the hottest Christmas item of the 1997 season, has a name that comes from the Japanese words for "egg" and "watch"?  Answer: Tamagotchi
  47. 2021 saw the auspicious debut of the coloring and activity book “I”m Dreaming Of A ______ For Christmas.” Fill in the one word blank, where owners can interact with images of Pine, Hemsworth, and Evans.  Answer: Chris
  48. On the very aptly title "Merry Christmas" album, Bing Crosby is backed up by a group of singing sisters that share what last name with the main redhead character on "Riverdale"?  Answer: Andrews
  49. The holiday song that begins "Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat," requests that you place what copper coin in the old man's hat?  Answer: penny
  50. Whamageddon is a challenge with competitors trying to make it through the holiday season without hearing what Wham Christmas song?  Answer: Last Christmas
  51. As its name says, "Weihnachtsgans" is a roast goose dish traditionally served in Germany on what end-of-year holiday?  Answer: Christmas
  52. “My true love gave to me, 10 cups of coffee, eight chicken sandwiches, seven T-bone steaks, four eggs a fryin’, three sausage patties, two waffles baking, and a bowl of delicious hot grits." That's from a version of "12 Days of Christmas" on an album put out by what scattered-smothered-and-covered Southern breakfast chain?  Answer: Waffle House
  53. What kind of Christmas is being dreamed of in the Irving Berlin song that was popularized by Bing Crosby? He’s dreaming of a ______ Christmas, just like the ones he used to know.  Answer: White Christmas
  54. Sung by Alvin, Simon, and Theodore, the song "Christmas Don't Be Late" is also known as "The ___ Song." What animal goes in the blank?  Answer: chipmunk
  55. Buddy happens upon a NYC shop that claims to have the "World's Best Cup of Coffee" and excitedly congratulates the staff about it in what classic Christmas movie?  Answer: Elf
  56. Where is Santa Claus comin’ to, according to the 1930s Christmas standard written by J. Fred Coots and Haven Gillespie? The song tells the audience that they better watch out, and they better not cry.  Answer: Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town
  57. Also known as the Dead Horse Trail, a boundary pass of the Coast Mountains on the border of Alaska and British Columbia is named after what color, also the “Christmas” that Bing Crosby is dreaming of?  Answer: White Pass
  58. What British charity supergroup with a name that sounds like they’d be good with a scraped knee had a holiday hit with “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” in 1984?  Answer: Band Aid
  59. What pop singer released the Christmas song “Santa Tell Me” in 2014? She’s better known for more pointed songs like “Thank U, Next” and “Save Your Tears.”  Answer: Ariana Grande
  60. List as one of the “50 Greatest TV Animals” by Animal Planet in 2003, name the greyhound adopted by The Simpsons in the 1989 Christmas special “Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire”.  Answer: Santa’s Little Helper
  61. Translating to “O Fir Tree” in English, the classic Christmas carol “O Tannenbaum” originated in what country in 1824?  Answer: Germany
  62. Meaning “The Good Night”, Nochebuena is traditionally celebrated in the Philippines on the eve of what holiday that is traditionally followed by Boxing Day in certain countries?  Answer: Christmas
  63. Accompanied by David Seville, the 1958 single “The Chipmunk Song” became the first holiday hit to reach No. 1 on the Billboard’s Hot 100 chart – thanks to what cartoon trio?  Answer: Alvin, Simon, and Theodore
  64. Blitzen gets namedropped but never does the Blitzkrieg Bop in "Merry Christmas (I Don't Wanna Fight Tonight)," a holiday tune by what old-school New York punk rock group?  Answer: Ramones
  65. What holiday single, originally titled “The One Horse Open Sleigh” by James Lord Pierpont in 1857, was the first song played in space in 1965 by Gemini 6A astronauts Walter Schirra and Tom Stafford?  Answer: Jingle Bells
  66. Sung by greats like Mel Tormé and Nat King Cole, “The Christmas Song” opens with a line about what roasted holiday treat?  Answer: chestnut
  67. On their 1964 “Christmas Album,” The Beach Boys sang a song about Santa Claus called “Little Saint ______.” Fill in the one word blank, a shorthand of another name Santa is known by.  Answer: Little Saint Nick
  68. In 2020, a Saw-Whet owl with what name was accidentally taken along with a tree for the NYC Christmas Tree lighting ceremony, but was rescued, as seen in Kimberly Dwyer’s children’s book about his “Christmas Journey?” His name is a shortened version of the famous Center where the tree went.  Answer: Rocky
  69. A Mr. Bean Christmas special bit inspired a "Friends" Thanksgiving gag of what sandwich-lovin' character getting his head stuck in a turkey?  Answer: Joey
  70. What female rockabilly and country singer had a number of hits in the 1960s, with songs like “I’m Sorry” and “If You Love Me,” and crossed over into Christmas with the 1960 classic “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree?”  Answer: Brenda Lee
  71. In a 1965 TV cartoon special for what comic strip character does he get small Christmas tree with almost no leaves on it?  Answer: Charlie Brown Christmas Special
  72. In November 2011, Justin Bieber released an 11-track Christmas album. What song, whose lyrics are referenced in the album title, is now triple platinum in the United States?  Answer: Mistletoe
  73. An urban beach in Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia is known as ______ Street Harbor Park. Fill in the one word “S” blank, a widespread coniferous tree often used for Christmas trees?  Answer: Spruce Street Harbor Park
  74. What cocktail with Bacardi, Blue Curacao, pineapple juice, and coconut garnish shares its name with a two-named personification of cold weather, who “The Christmas Song” claims is “nipping at your nose?”  Answer: Jack Frost
  75. Amy Grant had a 1983 hit off her “A Christmas Album” with a Christmas based in what US state? Residents of Knoxville or Gatlinburg were sure to enjoy the tune.  Answer: Tennessee Christmas
  76. Emma Thompson's character discovers that the necklace she sees her husband purchasing for Christmas is for another woman, in one of the sadder plotlines of what 2003 holiday movie?  Answer: Love Actually
  77. What popular singer of the 1960s with a romantic last name, who often sang for Phil Spector on songs like “He’s A Rebel”, recorded a Christmas standard in 1963 with “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)?”  Answer: Darlene Love
  78. Usually standing at nearly 20 feet tall, the Blue Room Christmas Tree is the official Christmas tree of which residence?  Answer: White House
  79. What Pittsburgh restaurant chain, known for their "Smiley Cookies", is behind what, according to CBS-Pittsburgh, is believed to be the longest-running holiday-season commercial in America featuring an animated Christmas tree bending down to help a Christmas star reach the top of the tree?  Answer: Eat 'N Park
  80. Referring to the inn from the Nativity story, Las Posadas is a pre-Christmas celebratory novena that lasts for how many days?  Answer: Nine
  81. In petroleum production, an assembly of valves, casing spools, and fittings used to regulate the flow of pipes in an oil well may be known by what Yule-appropriate name?  Answer: Christmas Tree
  82. What Square in Prague, Czech Republic, home to the National Museum and a large statue, shares its name with the protagonist of a Christmas Carol about a Bohemian king who journeys to feed a poor man for the Feast of Stephen?  Answer: Wenceslas Square
  83. What “T” mouse with a Brooklyn accent is the guardian and mentor of “Dumbo” in his 1941 Disney cartoon? His name is also the full name of the Tiny sickly child of Bob Cratchit in “A Christmas Carol.”  Answer: Timothy Mouse
  84. Peter Billingsley, who played Ralphie May in "A Christmas Story," also makes an uncredited cameo appearance in Santa's workshop in what classic 2003 Christmas film?  Answer: Elf
  85. In the Christmas carol “Deck The Halls," the halls will be decked with boughs of what woody angiosperm, also referred to as Ilex?  Answer: Holly
  86. An ice skating and roller skating rink on Christopher Columbus Blvd in Philadelphia is ______ Cross RiverRink. Fill in the one blank, also a color that Elvis Presley associated with Christmas in a 1957 song.  Answer: Blue Cross RiverRink
  87. What chocolaty drink powder was featured in the decoded message from Little Orphan Annie in the 1983 film, "A Christmas Story?"  Answer: Ovaltine
  88. Premiering on Christmas 2020 on Netflix, what Shondaland series concerns eight close-knit siblings trying to find love in Regency-era London?  Answer: Bridgerton
  89. What opera by Giuseppe Verdi had its premiere on Christmas Eve, 1871 in the Khedivial Opera House of Cairo, Egypt?  Answer: Aida
  90. A beach in Malay, Aklan, Philliipines, located on an archipelago island, has what name due to the color of its sand, also the color of Christmas in a Bing Crosby song?  Answer: White Beach
  91. The first Troll Doll, created in 1959 by Thomas Dam for his daughter for Christmas, was made out of what?  Answer: Wood
  92. In a famous parody of the Christmas carol "Jingle Bells," what famous fictional car that belongs to a superhero has "lost a wheel" while "the Joker got away?"  Answer: Batmobile
  93. Hopefully you didn’t forget! Behind Christmas and Valentine’s Day, the third-most greeting card sales annually in the U.S. are for what May Sunday holiday?  Answer: Mother's Day
  94. Traditionally served at Christmas, risalamande is a Danish dessert that uses which cereal grain along with cream, sugar, vanilla and chopped almonds?  Answer: Rice
  95. Songwriter Andy Stone recently sued Mariah Carey over what single of hers that tops charts pretty much every December?  Answer: All I Want for Christmas Is You
  96. Stollen, also known as Weihnachtsstollen, is a classic German fruit bread that is traditionally eaten during which annual festivities?  Answer: Christmas
  97. If you’re visiting Dover in late November or early December, which holiday festival can you attend that’s held by the Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village?  Answer: A Farmer's Christmas

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