How To Motivate Employees With Trivia Quizzes

Written by:
Collin Waldoch
August 4, 2021

Do you know how to motivate employees? With the support of Water Cooler Trivia, you can engage your workforce and promote cross-team communication. We believe employee engagement is the key to increasing motivation. 

Strong lines of communication between all team members are critical to a robust and effective operation. If you cannot get everyone on the same page, you should look at how to motivate employees in the workplace.

A Gallup study shows that a company’s treatment of its employees can either positively or negatively affect business. When an employee becomes emotionally attached to the success of the organization, they’re more likely to accelerate their performance and help those around them ascend to new heights. When motivated, Gallup found that employees work 20% better.

How to motivate employees - excited
Yes, literally every employee will shout with joy if you implement trivia quizzes. Why? Because science.

They also uncovered that highly engaged teams increased business productivity by 21%. With the right level of motivation, team members are keen to perform more effectively and deliver. For your business to be sustainable, you must know how to motivate employees.

Another Gallup study found that employee engagement and motivation reduces absenteeism by up to 41%. A low employee turnover is essential to the stability of your organization. 

How To Motivate Employees With Trivia Quizzes

Lighthearted games and activities can help to motivate employees in the workplace. While these events may share no connection to the workload, they serve a purpose.The best way to make employees feel comfortable in the workplace is to bolster the team culture.

A quick trivia quiz on a Monday morning can get the week off to the right start. As participants dissect each question, they can create conversations between co-workers. When employees start to become more familiar with their co-workers, this can help to promote cross-team communication. Trivia quizzes are an easy way to get the team talking.

How to motivate employees - not bingo
No, not bingo. Trivia. Trivia! Not Bingo! Got it? Great.

If you want to kick off trivia quizzes for your team but don’t know where to begin, you should leverage Water Cooler Trivia. This application helps craft the ideal trivia quiz to engage your team. 

Why do people love trivia games?

It’s universally appealing to provide answers to questions about lesser-known facts. Plus that sweet, sweet dopamine burst from winning never hurts. People enjoy trivia games because there’s no barrier to entry. When you’re using a tool like Water Cooler Trivia, you can adjust the difficulty level of each quiz to make it more appealing.

All great trivia quizzes strike a balance between easy and challenging questions - keeping participants on their feet. Too many easy questions can leave team members feeling bored. At the same time, if you’re overwhelming participants with challenging questions, it can be frustrating.

Are trivia games good for your brain?

Trivia quizzes can have a positive impact on your team’s cognitive skills. While the primary aim of hosting trivia quizzes is to motivate employees by enhancing team culture, trivia quizzes can also improve your team’s cognitive performance. Well, that’s what some study says. You shouldn’t bank on that!

What is a positive team culture?

A positive team culture is built on a foundation of strong cross-team communication. When there’s a clear lack of communication between team members, interventions such as team building activities need to be introduced. A positive team culture comes with tremendous benefits, such as an overall increase in employee motivation and productivity.

How to motivate employees - team culture
A positive team culture is one that can build barns. Or one that is in high spirits. Either. Both?

The more robust your team culture, the easier to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction and retention. A positive team culture and customer satisfaction go hand-in-hand. 

Are trivia quizzes good for team culture?

A quick round of trivia on a Monday morning can spark conversations between team members and break the ice. For the week ahead, this could potentially help to make communication easier, enabling teams to function efficiently and effectively.

If you’re curious about how trivia quizzes could impact your team culture, you shouldn’t hesitate to try a few out. With the support of Water Cooler Trivia, you can create and distribute trivia quizzes to all your team members in no time at all. You can then bring everyone together to go through the answers. It’s a simple activity that can help to push the culture forward.

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