105 Memes Trivia Questions (From Laugh-Out-Loud Funny To Plain Wacky)

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Eli Robinson
September 16, 2022

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105 Memes Trivia Questions (From Laugh-Out-Loud Funny To Plain Wacky)

  1. What young Canadian singer initially made waves through song snippets on Vine before starting a run of Billboard-charting singles such as "Treat You Better" and "Stitches?"  Answer: Shawn Mendes
  2. Following his political career, Al Gore achieved meme infamy status when he claimed to invent the internet. However, he is widely credited with coining what 2-word automotive phrase for the internet?  Answer: Information Superhighway
  3. What Nike-sponsored soccer player featured in the first video to hit one million views on YouTube? The star's video was titled "Touch of Gold."  Answer: Ronaldinho
  4. What is the somewhat-logical term for the internet prank and meme in which an unexpected appearance of the music video for the 1987 Rick Astley song "Never Gonna Give You Up" is "planted" into an unrelated link? The meme's popularity dates back to 2008.  Answer: Rickrolling
  5. What song, released by Adele in 2011 as her first number-one single in the UK, later became the background of a popularized 2019 Tik Tok meme? The meme's motif was a close-up camera shot on a single object which then panned out to a larger group of identical objects as the song hit its titular lyrics.  Answer: "Someone Like You"
  6. Although it expanded to grapefruit growers in 1976, the cooperative Ocean Spray has primarily focused on what other fruit throughout its existence? The brand reached viral heights after a 2020 TikTok mashing up Fleetwood Mac, skateboarding, and Ocean Spray juice.  Answer: Cranberry
  7. A meme-able photo of a very young child fist-pumping triumphantly in a green-and-white shirt is often referred two by what two-word phrase that starts with the letter S?  Answer: Success Kid
  8. Moto Moto is an animated hippo known for his flirtatious attitude and also for an extremely popular meme of Moto Moto exiting a pond. From what movie franchise is Moto Moto from?  Answer: Madagascar
  9. In 2002, an NBA star said the word "practice" 22 times in a four minute rant during a press conference. Years later, many of this point guard's quotes from that press conference became well-known memes such as "not a game, not a game, PRACTICE." Who is this NBA player?  Answer: Allen Iverson
  10. In 2020, an actor from the Harry Potter franchise posted a picture of his newborn child Wednesday. Four hours later, he broke an Instagram record for fastest account to one million followers. Who is this actor? We're looking for the actor, not the character he plays.  Answer: Rupert Grint
  11. The internet meme in which a user posts a four-panel image parodying how they present themselves on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder was started and popularized by what musician when she made the initial post on Instagram in January 2020?  Answer: Dolly Parton
  12. What nickname was given to French soccer star Kylian Mbappe by his teammates, after the purple-wearing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?  Answer: Donatello
  13. What is the four-letter meme term for the internal monologue captions (frequently in Comic Sans font) placed atop pictures of Shiba Inu dogs?  Answer: Doge
  14. The use of "stan" as a verb meaning to be an obsessive fan dates to a 2000 hit song by what one-named rapper?  Answer: Eminem
  15. According to the Sesame Street Twitter account, what red character is always three and a half, even on his birthday?  Answer: Elmo
  16. After newly clear canals in Italy were spotted with fish "returning" as tourists departed, there was a meme in 2020 that "nature is healing, we are the ______." What word fills the blank?  Answer: Virus
  17. Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Brewery has many brands of popular beer, but only one had a series of commercials that lasted more than a decade and starred Jonathan Goldsmith. Goldsmith's name-less character became iconic enough to be included in many internet memes in the 2000s. Name the beer brand OR the character.  Answer: Dos Equis (Most Interesting Man in the World)
  18. Burger Beard, also known as Painty the Pirate, sings the theme song to what long-running and frequently meme-able animated TV series?  Answer: SpongeBob SquarePants
  19. In 2016, more than 800,000 viewers watched the livestream of two Buzzfeed employees placing more than 600 rubber bands on what type of object to (successfully) explode it with the cumulative pressure?  Answer: Watermelon
  20. Often considered one of the most popular memes of all time, "Condescending ______" is an image overlaid with text which looks down upon something or someone. What character's name, played by Gene Wilder, fills in the blank?  Answer: Wonka
  21. A meme featuring a blond woman expressing uncertainty, disgust, reconsideration, disgust again, and finally what she describes as "disappointing pleasure" originated as a viral TikTok video of Brittany Tomlinson trying what beverage?  Answer: Kombucha
  22. There is a popular meme with a mannequin, an up arrow, and the misspelling of a popular financial asset. What is the MISSPELLING missing from this image?  Answer: Stonks
  23. Famously, an argument from "American Chopper" has been captioned with different types of arguments for many years. In 2019, a new "argument meme" from the movie "Marriage Story" rose to prominence, featuring Adam Driver and what other actor?  Answer: Scarlett Johansson
  24. Dog head, plain donut body, rainbows coming out of its butt: That's Donut Dog, a tribute parody of what internet character?  Answer: Nyan Cat
  25. Living on the internet rather than underneath a bridge, what is the common five-letter word that precedes "face" when describing this 2008-originating black-and-white meme?  Answer: Troll(face)
  26. The "ice bucket challenge" went viral in the summer of 2014 and it promoted awareness for a disease associated with a professional athlete. What is the initialism for the disease?  Answer: ALS
  27. Social Media platform TikTok was originally owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, however it was only launched worldwide on iOS and Android after merging with which other Chinese app in 2018?  Answer: Musical.ly
  28. Who is the 26-year old singer (as of March 2021) that had her "big break" when her original song "Alaska" was played for Pharrell while an NYU student? Pharrell's reaction in the video went viral, launching the young songwriter's career.  Answer: Maggie Rogers
  29. Featuring an image of Philip J. Fry clutching a fistful of dollars, the "Shut up and take my money!" meme is a reference to what Matt Groening animated series?  Answer: Futurama
  30. A 2021 meme displays a baby-version of what Muppet character rocking out on a guitar?  Answer: Kermit the Frog
  31. Wearing a lilac sweater, white shirt, and round glasses, a series of Oprah screenshots from a 2021 televised interview quickly became prime meme materials. The TV icon's meme-worthy reaction came during an interview of what famous couple?  Answer: Meghan Markle and Harry
  32. The 2020 election season had an unexpected highlight when a fly landed in the hair of what US politician during a televised debate, allowing for many memes and a requisite sketch on Saturday Night Live?  Answer: Mike Pence
  33. There's an extremely popular and durable meme which features two superheroes pointing at each other. This image comes from episode 19b from a 1967 episode of animated television. Who is the hero in this popular meme?  Answer: Spiderman
  34. What popular internet meme, whose official name was Tardar Sauce, was best-known for her distinctive look which was caused by an underbite and feline dwarfism?  Answer: Grumpy Cat
  35. What 17 year old lowland gorilla, a resident of the Cincinnati Zoo, was mythologized in many memes after being killed in 2016 in order to protect a boy that fell into his enclosure?  Answer: Harambe
  36. A series of memes arose in 2021 from a New York Times article that claimed what famous actor was “unrecognizable” on the set of the Martin Scorsese project “Killers Of The Flower Moon?" He’s recognizable in movies like “The Beach” and “The Basketball Diaries.”  Answer: Leonardo DiCaprio
  37. What breed of dog is the "Doge" dog from the meme and cryptocurrency (Dogecoin)?  Answer: Shiba Inu
  38. A popular subject of memes, mostly involving the cartoonish faces he makes, is what curmudgeonly clarinet playing neighbor of Spongebob Squarepants, who is an octopus in spite of his name?  Answer: Squidward
  39. A dating app that uses memes as part of its matchmaking process is called what, also an “S” word meaning to converse informally or to chat?  Answer: Schmooze
  40. In 2021, what lifestyle brand posted a meme of Ben Affleck whispering something to a seemingly eye-rolling Gwyneth Paltrow in the late 1990s? Paltrow had no direct hand in the post, but did quickly post her surprise at the joke.  Answer: Goop
  41. A popular meme format is an anime character marveling at the arrival of what insect of the order Lepidoptera, with big colorful wings? The text “is this a ______?” often sees the blank replaced with a misinterpretation of whatever revelation the meme maker is talking about.  Answer: Butterfly
  42. A popular meme format uses stills from what rapper’s video “Hotline Bling”, where he blocks one thing he doesn’t like from his face, and then smiles and points at something he prefers?  Answer: Drake
  43. A popular meme format features Paul and Paul Jr. from what reality show about custom motorcycles, which ran on Discovery Channel and TLC from 2003 to 2015, having a back and forth argument?  Answer: American Chopper
  44. His Basketball Hall of Fame induction ceremony, not a UNC loss to Villanova is the source of a popular "crying" meme of what legendary former player and Charlotte Hornets owner?  Answer: Michael Jordan
  45. In 2017, President Donald Trump tweeted what seemingly nonsensical 7-letter “C” word, which became a viral meme sensation? The word has become a point of ridicule for Trump’s allegedly meandering style of speech and tweet.  Answer: covfefe
  46. What CEO of the commercial space company Blue Origin, probably more known for his mega successful retail company, became the subject of many memes in 2021 when his test rocket was said to look like the male anatomy?  Answer: Jeff Bezos
  47. A viral 2021 meme is what actress trying to post a candid dancing video on her instagram, with a lot of comedy coming from how stilted it all seems? She was featured on “Scream Queens” and “American Horror Story,” but is perhaps better known for her aunt Julia.  Answer: Emma Roberts
  48. A meme of a disappointed man, frowning with his hands on his hips, standing in a crowd with his flannel and outdoor vest, starred a man from what what country, capital at Islamabad?  Answer: Pakistan
  49. Popular since 2012, the "I Understood That Reference" meme stars what pointing unfrozen member of the MCU's Avengers?  Answer: Captain America
  50. One of the earliest modern memes, the British government put up signs that read “Keep ______ And Carry On” in 1939, to inspire a sense of normalcy in the face of the impending World War 2. Fill in the one word blank, a sense of not being nervous.  Answer: Calm
  51. in 2021, Indian congressman Shashi Tharoor became a meme when he was seen smashing what tropical fruit on the ground? It was the subject of a novelty hit for Nilsson in 1971.  Answer: Coconut
  52. A popular meme format is a man sitting at a table in a public place, and his table displays a controversial opinion, and below that opinion is the phrase “Change My ______.” Fill in the one word blank, another term for the human consciousness.  Answer: Change My Mind
  53. A popular meme is taken from an argumentative moment from 2002’s “Spider-Man”, featuring what character, Spider-Man’s girlfriend, talking back to her boss?  Answer: Mary Jane
  54. A meme expressing nerdy surprise features a teenage girl saying “Ermahgerd” while holding books from what children’s horror franchise?  Answer: Goosebumps
  55. A popular meme is of what actor, star of “My Own Private Idaho” and “Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure”, looking sad while eating a sandwich on a public bench? It’s a good way of sarcastically implying something on the internet is disappointing.  Answer: Keanu Reeves
  56. There are memes of what 2018 role playing game about Kris trying to save the world along with Susie and Ralsei, trying to seal the Dark Fountains? Its name is a compound combination of the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet and a mark or letter of magic significance.  Answer: Deltarune
  57. "Male privilege is a myth: ___." What three-word phrase completes the 2018 sign made by conservative podcaster Stephen Crowder, which has since been parodied endlessly in memes?  Answer: Change my mind
  58. A 2012 YouTube video by Laina Morris created the meme of a romantic partner who is obsessive in her demands, the Overly Attached ______. Fill in the one word blank.  Answer: Overly Attached Girlfriend
  59. Initially released as a viral video on YouTube in 2011, Chris Torres sold a unique, one-of-a-kind version of his famous Nyan Cat meme for $590,000 in a February 2021 online auction as an NFT. “NFT” is short for what elongated term for non-interchangeable datum that is stored on a blockchain?  Answer: Non-fungible token
  60. A meme of Will Ferrell saying “Well, that escalated quickly”, perhaps posted in response to a wacky news story on social media, comes from 2004 period comedy about local TV news in the 1970s?  Answer: Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy
  61. A new conservative meme, a way of criticizing president Joe Biden while keeping it clean, is the phrase “Let’s Go ______.” Fill in the one one word blank, an unrelated first name, also the first name of Bruce Lee’s son who played “The Crow” in 1994.  Answer: Let's Go Brandon
  62. A popular meme amongst fans of LOLcats is a cat peeking through what elevated portion of a room? In some circles, this cat is heralded as the God of the LOLcat universe.  Answer: Ceiling Cat
  63. What “D” mascot of Japanese public broadcaster NHK, basically a brown cartoon monster with open mouth and sharp teeth while still being cute, first entered memes chasing a cat?  Answer: Domo
  64. Because of its reputation for having a sturdy build, the 3310 model from what cell phone company spawned a series of memes about its indestructibility? The company was founded in 19th-century Finland.  Answer: Nokia
  65. A popular meme to discuss a terrible situation is a cartoon dog sitting in a room that is catching on fire, only to casually remark “This is ______.” It’s pointing out how people are used to the terrible events around them.  Answer: This Is Fine
  66. Kathryn Hahn's exaggerated wink as witch Agatha Harkness on what Disney+ Marvel TV series became a top meme in 2021?  Answer: WandaVision
  67. Going viral as an Internet meme in 2007, the song "Chocolate Rain" is by what singer with a rhyming name?  Answer: Tay Zonday
  68. Jonathan Goldsmith appeared in a series of TV ads for Dos Equis beer as “The Most ______ Man In The World,” and the format of not always doing something, but then doing it in a particular way, came to memes. Fill in the one word blank with this engaging adjective.  Answer: The Most Interesting Man In The World
  69. Mark David Chapman got namedropped in one of the darker memes spawned by the 2021 "Get Back" documentary about what classic rock band?  Answer: The Beatles
  70. A series of memes were made in 2022 after what embattled Tampa Bay Buccaneer wide receiver, and former Pittsburgh Steeler, walked out of a Jets game early, and pictures were seen of him leaving without a shirt? His last name is a color associated with another team.  Answer: Antonio Brown
  71. A popular meme of 2021 was the "happy side" and "sad side" of what mass-transit vehicle?  Answer: Bus
  72. In response to a popular meme substituting his name for "Omicron," what one-named R&B singer posted a TikTok video in January 2022 in which he declared, "I am an artist, not a variant?"  Answer: Omarion
  73. Gritty, the furry orange character who debuted in 2018 and quickly became the subject of antifa memes, is the mascot of what Eastern Conference NHL team?  Answer: Philadelphia Flyers
  74. A meme trend that became popular in 2022 was to present a grid of colored squares and clarify that is not what “W” word guessing game released for mobile platforms by FatCat Studios?  Answer: Wordle
  75. In December 2021, a meme was born when Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady threw what brand of Microsoft portable computer on the sideline? The computer gets its “S” name from its touch-screen outer layer.  Answer: Microsoft Surface
  76. James Charles, social media influencer and makeup artist went viral in 2019 for singing along to the music of what yummy Tyga song? "Womp womp womp," sang Charles.  Answer: Taste
  77. Even SNL spoofed an early 2022 meme about the "Sesame Street" feud between Elmo and a pet rock of Zoe's with what apt Italian name?  Answer: Rocco
  78. There is a meme from a 1960s cartoon of three different versions of what Marvel superhero pointing at each other? It was recreated in a 2018 animated film, and referenced in promotional material for a 2021 film.  Answer: Spider-Man
  79. Due to retire this summer, what Supreme Court Justice's surprised expression during the March 2022 State of the Union address instantly became an Internet meme?  Answer: Stephen Breyer
  80. Once Youtube's most watched video of all time is a 2007 viral meme in which a child complains that his little brother named Charlie did what to him?  Answer: Bit my finger
  81. A popular meme based on the TV show “Futurama” features Philip J. Fry doing what with his eyes, while trying to choose between two different ideas? It's probably because he's thinking, not because he has sun in his eyes.  Answer: Squinting
  82. Meme makers took what multi-armed Spider-Man villain and scientist from “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, real name Otto Octavius, and removed his artificial limbs, making him into a scary looking normal man seemingly floating in mid-air?  Answer: Doctor Octopus
  83. A popular meme is to show searches for celebrities’ real names on what popular search engine, only for results to be name related jokes?  Answer: Google
  84. If someone brags about something that others would find irrelevant or awkward, a meme might describe that as a weird ______. Fill in the one word “F” blank, a word for a brag derived from the bending of a limb.  Answer: Weird Flex
  85. In a meme capitalizing on concerns about government spying, a person will have a conversation about their lives with what “A” FBI operative who is watching them? It is a word for someone who acts on behalf of a group, sometimes someone who finds jobs for an actor.  Answer: FBI Agent
  86. A popular meme features what green Muppet drinking a glass of tea, often used to passive aggressively judge people for doing things they’re not supposed to?  Answer: Kermit The Frog
  87. In the world of hilariously misheard song lyrics, the mind-numbing “It’s gonna be May” comes from which ‘90s boy band that originally featured Justin Timberlake?  Answer: NSYNC
  88. A very popular and often memed video from the early 2000s features a cat with fake arms being posed as if he were playing what “K” instrument? The instrument is in essence the electronic version of a piano.  Answer: Keyboard Cat
  89. Used to express futility, a famous meme featured a digger trying to rescue the Ever Given cargo ship from which Egyptian canal?  Answer: Suez
  90. The origin of this meme is a quote from Peter Jackson’s 2001 film "The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring." In the scene, Boromir tells the Council of Elrond: “One does not simply walk into ______.”  Answer: Mordor
  91. All grown up, the triumphant tot earned enough money from his Internet fame to fund his father’s kidney transplant. What’s the name of the capable child meme?  Answer: Success Kid
  92. It is the source for one of the most enduring internet memes, but the “Keep Calm and Carry On” motivational poster considerably predates the internet having been created by the British government towards the end of what decade?  Answer: The 1930s
  93. In 2010, a paparazzi photo of “The Matrix” actor eating a sandwich alone on a bench went viral. What name did the Internet (more specifically, Reddit) give the meme?  Answer: Sad Keanu
  94. A popular meme depicting a walk of shame features a grey-clad, bell-ringing character from which TV series?  Answer: Game of Thrones
  95. Which portmanteau that sounds like scary noodles refers to the urban legends, horror stories, and supposed “first-person accounts” with the macabre that circulate online—for example, Slenderman?  Answer: Creepypasta
  96. After blogger Steve Molaro posted the results of his experimental online pizza order, the None Pizza Left Beef meme was born. From what chain did Steve order the now infamous pizza (if you can even call it that...)?  Answer: Domino's
  97. Dane Boedigheimer (DaneBoe)’s 2009 live-action/animated web series chronicles the lives (but mostly gruesome deaths) of which “annoying” fruit and his kitchen comrades Pear, Grandpa Lemon, and Marshmallow?  Answer: Orange
  98. In the early 2000s, you could have spent hours on the Something Awful forums trying to come up with clever “facts” about which famous bearded martial artist with a penchant for roundhouse kicks?  Answer: Chuck Norris
  99. Which Korean pop song (and horseback-riding dance) by PSY went viral worldwide in 2012?  Answer: Gangnam Style
  100. Linguists Geoffrey K. Pullum and Glen Whitman wanted a word to describe "multi-use, customizable, instantly recognizable phrases or sentences that can be used in an entirely open array of different jokey variants by lazy journalists and writers." "X is the new Y," or "One Does Not Simply Walk Into X." In homage to an often repeated fact about the Inuit language, what word did they coin to name these phrasal templates?  Answer: Snowclones
  101. Often used to express defiance, one popular meme shows "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" cast member Taylor Armstrong crying, pointing, and yelling at what animal?  Answer: Cat
  102. A “Momlife” comic became a twitter meme after going viral in late July 2022 when users began ridiculing its tone and approach to parenthood. In the comic, a father is shown deciding to use the last of a particular fruit in a smoothie rather than saving it for his children. What was the fruit?  Answer: A Peach
  103. According to a copypasta originating in 2017, "To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand ______" which animated TV show created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland?  Answer: Rick and Morty
  104. A photo of teenager Kyle Craven in a plaid sweater vest and braces is often accompanied by descriptions of unlucky, embarrassing and tragic events - by what three word name is this meme generally known?  Answer: Bad Luck Brian
  105. The meme "Ermahgerd Girl" features a young girl, mouth agape in excitement, posing with three books ("Monster Blood III", "It Came from Beneath the Sink!", and "Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes") from which children's book series?  Answer: Goosebumps

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