Peer-To-Peer Recognition Ideas (10 Options)

Written by:
Collin Waldoch
March 22, 2022

Peer-to-peer recognition is the simple act of recognizing and rewarding your peers for their good work. It's a great way to show your appreciation, build morale, and encourage others to do their best.

Peer-To-Peer Recognition Ideas - Why Do They Matter?

While many think workplace recognition must come from team leaders, positive feedback from peers is just as powerful. Even the most introverted employees quietly enjoy receiving appreciation for their efforts every once in a while. It's only natural. If you've worked hard on a project and gone the extra mile, it feels good when your peers take notice.

This is why peer-to-peer recognition is such a powerful tool. It allows employees to recognize and reward one another for their accomplishments. Not only does this create a more positive and supportive work environment, but it can also motivate others to achieve more.

According to Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton, authors of Leading with Gratitude, 67% of managers think they are above average in offering praise and recognition to their employees. In contrast, only 23% of their workers agree. Let's explore how we can bridge this gap.

Peer-To-Peer Recognition Examples (10 Options)

1 - Water Cooler Trivia

Has your team achieved a slam-dunk? Recognize your team's efforts with a game of Water Cooler Trivia. If you're not familiar, this is everyone's new favorite trivia platform. The trivia quizzes, produced by the best trivia pros in the business, are designed to engage and intrigue co-workers.

You cannot go wrong with a quick game of trivia. Using Water Cooler Trivia, it's never been easier to show your appreciation for a job well done.

2 - Handwritten Notes

In the age of digital communication, handwritten notes are underrated. There's something about receiving a handwritten note that feels special. It shows the recipient you took the time to sit down and write a personal message, just for them.

Encourage your team members to leave each other handwritten notes of appreciation. You could even set up a rota system, so everyone has a chance to receive a note.

If you look closely, you can see their handwritten notes on the wall.

3 - Social Media Shoutouts

A great way to show your appreciation for a job well done is to post about it on social media. Take a picture of the team and post it on Instagram, tweet out your thanks, or write a short Facebook post.

4 - The "Thank You" Email

When it comes to peer recognition, an email is one of the simplest gestures you can make. You can do this in conjunction with other acts of recognition on our list. Just take a few moments to write a quick email thanking the team for their hard work.

If certain team members have made exceptional contributions, you should single them out in the email.

5 - Kudos Display Board

Create a message board in a busy hallway and encourage team members to share the kudos they receive or recognize something a co-worker has done. This is a good way to appreciate everyone's efforts and have a little bit of fun.

6 - "Thank You" Cake

Who doesn't love cake? A "thank you" cake is a simple and delicious way to show your appreciation. Get a cake from your favorite bakery. You could even ask the bakers to add a personalized "thank you" message on the cake with frosting.

7 - Noteworthy Recognition

Give each employee a sticky note and encourage them to leave kind notes on the desks of co-workers. This is a fun way for employees to show their appreciation and can help build team morale. The kind notes can include compliments, recognition of workplace achievements, or just simple messages of encouragement.

8 - Office Swag

Who doesn't love some office swag? Get your team some fun and quirky office supplies as a way of saying thank you. From a cheeky mug to a set of novelty pens, the only limit is your imagination.

Already chewing through the office swag. Onto the next idea...

9 - Group Lunch

A group lunch is a great way to show your appreciation to employees. Get everyone together and buy them all lunch. This is a perfect opportunity to get co-workers talking with each other - which can help to break down barriers between team members and promote cross-team communication.

10 - Desk Deliveries

If your employees are stopping by a coffee or bagel shop, encourage them to bring some food or drink back to the office for other co-workers. When certain employees are having to work through their lunch breaks to complete a project, bringing them some food or drink is a nice gesture of recognition.

Peer Recognition Examples (Top Pick For 2022)

If you don't know where to begin, why not start with a few rounds of trivia?

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