60 Best Trivia Questions [2022 Edition]

Written by:
Collin Waldoch
January 21, 2022

Are you searching for the best trivia questions? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled several themed lists of trivia questions you can use in your trivia competitions.

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Star Wars Trivia Quizzes (10 Star Wars Trivia Questions)

What are good Star Wars trivia questions?

1 - Question: Which actor played Lando Calrissian?

Answer: Billy Dee Williams.

2 - Question: What is Baby Yoda’s real name?

Answer: Grogu.

3 - Question: Who are Kylo Ren’s parents?

Answer: Han Solo and Princess Leia.

4 - Question: Who directed Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker?

Answer: J.J. Abrams.

5 - Question: What was Poe Dameron’s old job before becoming a Resistance pilot?

Answer: A spice runner.

6 - Question: Who played Han Solo in Solo: A Star Wars Story?

Answer: Alden Ehrenreich.

7 - Question: What is the name of Lupita Nyong’o’s Star Wars character?

Answer: Maz Kanata.

8 - Question: How many children does Darth Vader have?

Answer: Two.

9 - Question: Which actor played Luke Skywalker?

Answer: Mark Hamill.

10 - Question: Palpatine commanded to execute what Order in Revenge of the Sith?

Answer: 66.

What is the hardest Star Wars question ever?

Question: What’s the name of the casino city that Rose and Finn visited in The Last Jedi?

Answer: Canto Bight.

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Friends Trivia Quizzes (10 Friends Trivia Questions)

What are some Friends trivia questions?

1 - Question: Who was Joey’s imaginary childhood friend? 

Answer: Maurice.

2 - Question: What does Rachel guess Chandler’s job is?

Answer: A transponster.

3 - Question: How many seasons of Friends are there?

Answer: 10 seasons.

4 - Question: Joey and Chandler’s TV guide has what name on the address?

Answer: Miss Chanandler Bong.

5 - Question: Joey doesn’t share what?

Answer: Food.

6 - Question: What type of self-defense does Ross try to teach Phoebe and Rachel?

Answer: Unagi.

7 - Question: What fruit is Ross allergic to?

Answer: Kiwi.

8 - Question: Monica worked as a waitress at what diner?

Answer: Moondance Diner.

9 - Question: Who dated a college student named Elizabeth Stevens?

Answer: Ross.

10 - Question: Who introduced Phoebe and Mike?

Answer: Joey.

Fun fact: The artwork in Central Perk was changed every three episodes.

Halloween Trivia Quizzes (10 Halloween Trivia Questions)

What are good Halloween trivia questions?

1 - Question: What do people in New England call the night before Halloween?

Answer: Cabbage Night.

2 - Question: According to superstition, someone born on Halloween has what ability?

Answer: The ability to see and talk to spirits.

3 - Question: In which country did Halloween originate?

Answer: Ireland.

4 - Question: Who directed The Nightmare Before Christmas?

Answer: Henry Selick.

5 - Question: Which year was the movie Freaks made?

Answer: 1932.

6 - Question: How do pumpkins grow?

Answer: On vines.

7 - Question: What was candy corn initially called?

Answer: Chicken Feed.

8 - Question: What famous magician died on Halloween?

Answer: Harry Houdini.

9 - Question: Where did the game of apple bobbing originate?

Answer: England.

10 - Question: Which first lady was the first to decorate the White House for Halloween?

Answer: Mamie Eisenhower in 1958.

What’s a ghost’s favorite dessert? I scream.

NFL Trivia Quizzes (10 NFL Trivia Questions)

What are some good football trivia questions?

1 - Question: Who won the Super Bowl in 2010?

Answer: The New Orleans Saints.

2 - Question: What was the first year that the Miami Dolphins won a Super Bowl?

Answer: 1973.

3 - Question: The NFL began in what year?

Answer: 1920.

4 - Question: How many players are on the field for each team in an NFL game?

Answer: 11 players.

5 - Question: What does "NFL" stand for?

Answer: The National Football League.

6 - Question: Who is the highest-paid player in the NFL as of 2021?

Answer: Patrick Mahomes.

7 - Question: How many teams are currently in the NFL?

Answer: 32.

8 - Question: Who is the quarterback with the most Super Bowl championships?

Answer: Tom Brady.

9 - Question: What team represents Philadelphia?

Answer: The Philadelphia Eagles.

10 - Question: Which wide receiver is the highest scoring in NFL history?

Answer: Flipper Anderson.

Movie Trivia Quizzes (10 Movie Trivia Questions)

What are some good movie trivia questions?

1 - Question: In The Matrix, does Neo take the blue or red pill?

Answer: Red.

2 - Question: What is the name of the 2008 Batman movie directed by Christopher Nolan?

Answer: The Dark Knight.

3 - Question: Who plays Laurie Strode in the Halloween film series?

Answer: Jamie Lee Curtis.

4 - Question: In what year was The Simpsons Movie released?

Answer: 2007.

5 - Question: What is the name of the director behind Avatar and Titanic?

Answer: James Cameron.

6 - Question: Leonardo DiCaprio starred alongside Tom Hardy in which 2015 movie?

Answer: The Revenant.

7 - Question: Whoopi Goldberg won an Academy Award for which movie?

Answer: Ghost.

8 - Question: Which superhero was played by George Clooney and Michael Keaton?

Answer: Batman.

9 - Question: Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon starred in which 2016 remake?

Answer: Ghostbusters.

10 - Question: Before Daniel Craig, who last played the role of James Bond?

Answer: Pierce Brosnan.

What did Mark Wahlberg feed Ted? Nothing he was already stuffed.

Disney Trivia Quizzes (10 Disney Trivia Questions)

What are good Disney trivia questions?

1 - Question: Where does Aladdin live?

Answer: Agrabah.

2 - Question: Who is Bambi’s love interest?

Answer: Faline.

3 - Question: What is the color of Belle’s dress when she dances with the Beast?

Answer: Gold.

4 - Question: How many siblings does Thumper have in the Bambi?

Answer: Five sisters.

5 - Question: What is the name of the hamster in Bolt?

Answer: Rhino.

6 - Question: Which actor voiced Lightning McQueen in Cars?

Answer: Owen Wilson.

7 - Question: What year was the original Cinderella movie released?

Answer: 1950.

8 - Question: What was Mickey Mouse called initially?

Answer: Mortimer Mouse.

9 - Question: What color are Mickey Mouse’s shorts?

Answer - Red.

10 - Question: What is the color of Dumbo’s hat?

Answer: Yellow.

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