Virtual Christmas Party Ideas (10 Options)

Written by:
Collin Waldoch
December 9, 2021

Christmas party ideas can make or break one of the most anticipated workplace events in the calendar. If you’re short on ideas this holiday season, you’ve come to the right place. We have gathered 10 virtual Christmas party ideas for remote co-workers, and we will break them down for you in this short guide. You can also tweak these party ideas for an office setting.

Virtual Christmas Party Games - Why Do They Matter?

Virtual Christmas party games unite remote working teams for some festive fun. Giving team members something to look forward to at the end of the calendar year can be a good morale booster. It’s also the perfect opportunity for you to encourage remote team bonding. To ensure your virtual Christmas party is a roaring success, you need some party games up your sleeve.

What are the best virtual Christmas party ideas for teams?

1 - Water Cooler Trivia

Water Cooler Trivia is the must-have platform for festive fun among remote working teams. The quizzes, hand-written by trivia pros, can be sent to inboxes or Slack channels over the holiday season. Team leaders can customize the quiz length, difficulty, and categories. As much of the solution is automated, this is ideal for leaders with little time to spare in December.

Setting up a trivia quiz for your virtual Christmas party doesn’t have to absorb your time or focus. Our automated solution does the hard work for you, including the potentially long-winded task of finding genuinely engaging trivia that will both surprise and enlighten your team. Water Cooler Trivia is the platform to bring your team closer together from a distance.

2 - Name That Christmas Tune

If you’re hosting the virtual Christmas party on Zoom, you can open Spotify and work your way through a Christmas playlist. After playing the first 10 seconds of a song, pause Spotify and give team members the chance to guess the Christmas tune. They could submit their guesses via Zoom Chat. The person with the most correct guesses could win some form of prize. 

Belt it out in a karaoke caroling crown!

3 - Desert Island Christmas

Tell your co-workers to imagine they are stuck on a deserted island for Christmas. A track, a book, and a luxury: what would you take to a deserted island? Each person on the Zoom call can share what they would bring. This game creates an opportunity for co-workers to learn more about each other and potentially discover things they have in common.

4 - Invite Online Carolers

If your team is unlikely to burst into song on the Zoom call, you can leave the singing to the professionals by hiring a virtual caroling troupe. Yes, this is a thing. Can you imagine the look on their faces? This works best as a surprise. You could have carolers pop into the Zoom call as you transition from one Christmas game to the next. They won’t see this one coming.

5 - Watch A Classic Christmas Movie

Using applications like Teleparty and Kast, you can bring your remote team together to watch a classic Christmas movie. Both of these applications come with live chatboxes, enabling team members to communicate with each other during the viewing party. To wrap up the viewing party, you can talk about the film or ask your co-workers about their holiday plans.

If it's a classic movie, it's preferred to use a classic film projector like this.

6 - Create Holiday Cards

Using Canva templates, team members can create Christmas cards for friends and family. This activity can take place via Zoom, allowing co-workers to collectively navigate Canva and get inspired by each other’s creativity. At the end of the activity, team members can show off their design skills and vote on who has produced the best Christmas card.

7 - Decorate Christmas Cookies

You can send do-it-yourself cookie decoration kits to every team member. These kits usually include pre-baked cookies and a range of decorations, including frosting and sprinkles. Using Zoom, everyone can participate in a virtual cookie decorating contest. At the end of the activity, team members can vote on which cookies are the most aesthetically pleasing.

8 - Design Santa Hats

Designing Santa hats is the perfect activity to kick off the Christmas party and unleash everyone’s creativity. You can send a Santa hat and a few materials - such as glitter, glue, and paint - to each team member. As a group, you can decorate the Santa hats and wear them via Zoom for the rest of the party. Co-workers can also use their own materials to decorate the hats.

9 - Christmas Photo Booth

Using a virtual photo booth, like Snapbar, you can superimpose a Christmas-themed backdrop behind co-workers and take a screenshot. A photo like this is ideal for sharing on the company’s social media accounts. From Santa’s Grotto to the North Pole, there is certainly no shortage of festive backdrops for your team to pick. You can take the photo at the end of the party.

Filters. Fake backdrops. You know the drill.

10 - Deck The Halls (MTV Cribs)

If your virtual Christmas party takes place in the days leading up to the 25th, encourage team members to take you on MTV Cribs-style tours around their homes. This festive activity gives co-workers a chance to present their Christmas decorations and displays to each other via Zoom. You can also exchange tips and tricks for those running behind with house decorations.

What is the best Christmas party game for office teams?

Water Cooler Trivia can be a welcome addition to your Christmas party schedule. This platform is well-positioned to spark thought-provoking conversations between team members. With the freedom and flexibility to fully customize the quiz length and difficulty, you can create festive trivia quizzes that play to your team’s strengths and appeal to their interests.

Last but not least, Water Cooler Trivia offers a free four-week trial. Get started with a four-week trial of Water Cooler Trivia today!