Active Listening Games For The Workplace (10 Options)

Written by:
Eli Robinson
November 10, 2023

Active listening games for the workplace can help promote better communication and collaboration within a team.

They are essential tools for building a cohesive, communicative, and productive team.

When employees truly listen to each other, it leads to better collaboration, understanding, and problem-solving.

Active listening activities for the workplace can help promote better communication and collaboration within a team.

Are you...

  • Struggling to find engaging methods to improve team communication?
  • Seeing a gap in your team's ability to listen and respond effectively?
  • Looking for ways to break the ice and build trust among team members?

With years of experience in corporate training and team building, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative power of active listening games.

These games not only break down barriers but also foster a culture of respect and understanding.

This article is for:

  • Team leaders looking to enhance group dynamics and communication.
  • HR professionals seeking innovative training tools.
  • Employees at all levels aiming to improve workplace relationships.

These 10 active listening games are designed to change that narrative, creating an environment where everyone feels heard and valued.

Let's dive into how these games can transform your workplace conversations.

Active Listening Games For The Workplace (10 Options)

When I'm looking for an activity listening group activity, I aim for one that:

  • Promotes focused attention and understanding.
  • Is engaging and fun for everyone involved.
  • Builds empathy and stronger communication skills among participants.
  • Can be adapted to different age groups and skill levels.
  • Requires minimal materials for easy setup.

1 - Water Cooler Trivia

We never grow tired of hyping up Water Cooler Trivia.

When you see how far our trivia pros go to put together amazing questions, you'll know why.

This platform is an active listening powerhouse.

A trivia quiz is the ultimate active listening game for the workplace.

If the participants don't listen to the questions as they are read out loud by the quiz master, they stand no chance of getting the answers right.

Rather than worrying about finding engaging trivia questions, allow Water Cooler Trivia to do the heavy lifting for you.

We've got a treasure trove of eyebrow-raising and beard-stroking trivia for you to get your hands on.

Nothing compares to the trivia we have up our sleeves.

Okay, we'll stop showing off.

If you want to check out Water Cooler Trivia, you can get started with a four-week trial.

This gives you a chance to take the platform for a test drive to see how we roll.

2 - The Listening Chain

This game is played in pairs or small groups. One person starts by telling a story, while the others listen.

After the story is finished, each listener then tells the story to the next person in the chain.

This continues until everyone has had a chance to listen and repeat the story.

The goal is for the final storyteller to repeat the story as accurately as possible.

This game helps promote active listening and attention to detail.

3 - Background Noise

When there is considerable background noise, it becomes difficult to hear what others are saying.

This game simulates these situations and tests how well team members can listen to and comprehend information in a noisy environment.

One person is nominated as the noise-maker and another person is nominated as the speaker.

While the noise-maker makes as much noise as possible, team members must try to listen to the speaker and take in as much information as they can.

Ideally, the listeners should all close their eyes to ensure they are not relying on any visual prompts by the speaker.

When your words fall on deaf ears, it can feel like an uphill battle!

4 - The Drawing Game

Participants must follow instructions on how to draw something without asking any questions.

If you are trying to complete a task and do not have the ability to ask questions, this naturally forces you to listen more carefully.

The game leader can give instructions on how to draw anything, such as an animal or a simple object.

The longer the list of instructions, the better.

You want to make sure the game is challenging enough that team members have to really concentrate in order to understand and follow the instructions.

5 - The Word Association Game

This game is played in pairs. One person starts by saying a word, then the other person must say a word in response that is associated with the first word.

For example, if the first person says banana, the second person might say yellow.

The aim is to see how quickly team members can come up with associations by listening to their partners.

6 - Sound Recognition

One person is given a sound to make, such as an animal noise, and the others must guess what it is.

If playing in teams, each team must take turns making the noises.

This game requires good listening skills to identify the sound and come up with the correct answer.

This is likely to generate plenty of laughter among co-workers!

Oh, and this is the brick wall we were talking about. Remember?

7 - Spot The Mistake

One person makes a mistake while telling a story, such as saying the wrong name or getting a detail wrong.

The others must listen carefully and try to spot the mistake.

As some of the mistakes may seem obscure, the team must pay close attention to what is said.

8 - Blindfolded Walk

This game is best played in a relatively open area.

If your team fancies some fresh air, this will work well outdoors.

One person is blindfolded while the others guide them through the area.

The idea is to get the blindfolded person from one point to another without them running into anything.

This game requires good communication and listening skills from both the blindfolded person and those giving directions.

You might want to conduct a quick safety risk assessment before moving ahead with this game.

Don't say we didn't warn you!

9 - Who Said It?

Everyone's got a favorite TV show.

You can round up audio clips from popular shows and have team members guess where the audio is from.

Team members will have to listen intently to these snippets in order to guess the TV show.

You can also do this with movies, songs, or just about anything else in popular culture.

10 - Secret Message

This game requires team members to listen carefully to decode a secret message.

One person whispers a message to another person, who then whispers it to the next person, and so on.

By the time the message reaches the last person, they should say it out loud.

The aim is to see how accurately the message is conveyed through each person.

Workplace Trivia Games Promote Active Listening

I used to think meetings were a time to zone out and catch up on emails.

Workplace trivia changed that.

Now, I have to focus on every word of the question, searching for clues to solve the puzzle.

This has made me a better listener in general.

I notice subtle details and pick up on things others may miss.

It's not just about the trivia itself.

The fun, competitive spirit helps us collaborate and genuinely pay attention to each other's ideas.

If you want to improve active listening on your team, try a little workplace trivia.

It might just surprise you!

Virtual Team Bonding Activities For Active Listening (Best Option)

When it comes to virtual team bonding activities for active listening, Water Cooler Trivia ticks all the boxes.

With Water Cooler Trivia in your corner, it's remarkably easy to set up a quick trivia game on Zoom.

Once you've selected the trivia schedule and categories, we'll fire across some original trivia questions via email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams.

It's a seamless process designed to take the hassle out of hosting trivia quizzes.

Oh, and once your team is finished, we'll even grade the results.

As we said, Water Cooler Trivia literally ticks all the boxes.

So, what are you waiting for?

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